Paddle Name: The DIGGER
Badger Category: PAW

Description: Like the NOMAD, this paddle’s wide blade must be cut from a larger blank.  Because the DIGGER is a wide powerful paddle; it is excellent for large lake crossings or when you need to  really dig in. A popular paddle for camps where traveling speed tends to be a competition.  The DIGGER is great  paddle for when you need extra power on a lake or river.
Specifications**: W6 3/8” X L25”
Paddle Sock: included
Wood Types: Ash, Cherry and sometimes Walnut or other specialty woods are available.

**due to the nature of hand crafted work, these measurements are approximate and could differ as much as 1/4” or more.  The width is taken at the widest part of the paddle blade and the length is the measurement of the blade from it’s end to it’s neck.
Although this paddle is designed to be sturdy and beefy -  it can be customized to have a fine blade edge like our BadgerTripper & Sliver paddles.

Photo Credit: Scott. H.

Digger Owner

Paddle Sock included with this paddle!

(Tripper shown in sock)

Photo Credit (these two photos:

E. Lafrance, Digger Owner, Paddler

The Digger is available  as “Classic BADGER®” construction only.Classic_BADGER_Canoe_Paddles.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0

Sadly, due to a number of variables beyond our control,

Classics will be UNAVAILABLE until further notice.