Badger’s Who’s Who of Devoted Paddlers
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HighWater Mark Winners

  1. 1.John Ozard 149%

  2. 2.Terri Rilling 148%

  3. 3.WoodNCanvas 148%

  4. 4.Liz Clingman 147%

Truly Devoted Paddlers

  1. 5.David H. Johnston 146%

  2. 6.Ray McCullough 146%

  3. 7.Matt Grinter 146%

  4. 8.Steve Johnston 146%

  5. 9.Cheance 145%

Honourable Mentions

Best Advice for a beginner Padder: “Don't be afraid of the water, but do respect it” Courtesy of Roger Botting

Youngest Devoted Paddler Entry:

Jona Sterne

Most Humourous

“Putting speed holes in your boat to reduce drag will not make it go faster.” Courtesy of Canoey McKayak

Best Paddling Game: “Dead Fish Polo - use sponge instead of real fish.”! Courtesy of Gordon Baker

Best Name for Gear: “Koyaanisqatsi: A Hopin Indian word meaning life out of balance, life in turmoil, a way of life that calls for another way of living” Courtesy of PineMartyn

Best Photos

3 WORDS...

Badger’s most devoted paddler: 151%
Name: Pawistik

Age: Not as old as I might feel, aka                          late thirties

Country: Canada

Do you solo?:  I just spent a week on the Churchill River paddling 150 km solo in a custom-built solo expedition canoe. (A trip report is coming soon! Look for it here).

To see Pawistik’s full winning entry, please visit

Badger’s HighWater Marks Contest:

A Who’s Who of Devoted Paddlers

Pawistik was our grand prize winner and took first place with his wonderful and personal entry that scored highest with the judges. Bryan (a.k.a. Pawistik) is the lucky recipient of a Badger Paddle, Sock and $50.00 CAD gift card from Algonquin Outfitters.

The next four winning entries were John Ozard, Terri Rilling. WoodNCanvas and Liz Clingman who each win a Badger Paddle Sock and a  $10 CAD gift card from Algonquin Outfitters.

And those who made the Truly Devoted Paddler’s list (David H. Johnston, Ray McCullough, Matt Grinter, Steve Johnston and Cheance) are all the lucky recipients of a newly announced bonus prize of 250 mL tin of Badger’s 100% All Natural Wood Oil.

HighWater Marks and extra credit were given by the judges for interest, humour, entertainment, photography, and other various categories including having a public blog and for being the first paddler entered, etc.

Badger would like to thank all of those who entered as each “exam” was a pleasure to read thru and it was a privilege to get to know each of you, as the canoeist and kayaker that you are. Your devotion to paddling is to be commended!

We would also like to thank the guest judges (“HighWater Marks Professors”) who helped to make this contest such a wonderful experience, especially Randy, from Algonquin Outfitters - for all his background work and for adding so generously to the prize pot.  A big thanks also to Carm from Swift Canoe & Kayak and to Sean (who is also famous for being known as the Fat Paddler). We couldn’t have picked the winners without you!

We hope you all enjoyed this contest as much as we did... we will definitely be sharing and featuring some of the more humourous and entertaining portions of the HighWater Marks “Exam” answers in the weeks to come, ones we know you will all really “dig”!

Sincerely honoured to be part of such a great community....

The Folks at Badger Paddles

       We put the call out to all avid paddlers who love to write and talk about their passion for the power of self propulsion... and we made it a contest. The winner (Highest WaterMark)would receive a Badger Canoe Paddle, Sock and a $50.00 Gift Card from Algonquin Outfitters. Those devoted paddlers with the next four highest “watermark” would win a Badger Paddle sock and a $10.00 Gift Card from Algonquin Outfitters.

Here are the results of that contest...