That is why we offer our cub paddles in different COLOURS!

Badger Paddles loves to get kids ‘n Cubs excited about paddling and the outdoors ...

Our colour tints are water-based, non-toxic and fun!  Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Orange, Yellow and other variations available.   The depth of colour will vary due the properties of stain and the natural variations in wood.  As with kids - no two are alike!

Young Badgers are available as hand-rubbed oil, varnish, WaterColours, or as Badger’s combination finish. The Cub is available in “Natural” (no colour) or Cub WaterColours (various colour stains).

Note: Our Cub Paddles are VARNISHED - but not hand-rubbed.

Cub WaterColours: Laminated Poplar
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YOUNG BADGERS:  Authentic Badger Paddles for youths (and smaller framed adults too)!

Kids ‘n Cubs have a long reach to the water from a canoe so our paddle sizes come in 46” and 48” lengths for a more comfortable and positive paddling experience.

Notes: Our Cub Paddles and Cub WaterColours are Varnished (not oiled). Badger Paddle Socks are NOT INCLUDED with Cub paddles. Also, please note, marine-varnish yellows with age, which can alter the colour of the paddle over time. If you have a specific colour in mind that you wish to keep to, please mention this to us upon order as a water-based varnish finish may be a better option for colour trueness. Our Hand Rubbed Oil Finish is not available for kid’s laminated paddles.


“Young Badgers” are made for youth paddlers or smaller-framed adults, or for those looking for a traditional hard wood canoe paddle for their child.

Our “Young Badgers” are made by employing the same handcrafted process used to build all of our hard wood traditional canoe paddles, and are available as the Sliver, Tripper, BadgerTail and La Bonga styles in 46”, 48”, or 51” lengths. Young Badgers, however,  DO NOT include a Badger Paddle Sock.

Woods used to build Young Badgers are ash or cherry, but specialty woods and customization are also available - contact us for a quote.

Young Badgers are given a hand rubbed oiled finish but can also be varnished or given our combination finish (oiled shaft/grip with a varnished blade).

Note: Young Badgers (made of ash) can be given a WaterColours finish too! Contact us for pricing and personalization options.



If you would like to personalize your Young Badger or CUB paddle, please contact us for design possibilities and a quote or get some inspiration from the BADGER Gallery first! 

Note: Cub paddle style may not be exactly as shown, as of 2015 we have opted for a beavertail blade shape.