Paddle Name: The SLIVER
Badger Category: Modified Ottertail

Description: Long and thin, much like a sliver, this versatile paddle is great for soloing, style paddling or tandem tripping.

The SLIVER is a great paddle for those who have a tendency towards underwater recovery strokes.

Specifications**: W5” X L28 1/2”
Paddle Sock: included
Wood Types: Ash, Cherry and sometimes Walnut or other specialty woods.

**due to the nature of hand crafted work, these measurements are approximate and could differ as much as 1/4” or more.  The width is taken at the widest part of the paddle blade and the length is the measurement of the blade from it’s end to it’s neck.
Stephen Orlando of Motion Exposure uses a Sliver for his lighted canoeing images - see more of his uniquely beautiful work at

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Paddle Sock included with this paddle!